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May 16, 2018

Paul Fosheim has been a member of the South Dakota Deaf Anglers for many years.  He and his fellow deaf anglers get together at least once each year to fish together.  This year, they were on the banks of Lake Oahe in central South Dakota.  

The South Dakota Deaf Anglers was created in 1982.  This organization gives members of the deaf community an opportunity to learn more about fishing, and to meet others who share a similar passion.  While there were cash prizes on the line for anyone with lady luck and skill on their side that day, that is not the reason they get together.  This episode talks a little bit about their fishing experiences and what it means to fish while deaf.   

Music (in order of appearance): 

"Coal Miners" - Artofescapism

"Swansong" by Josh Woodward

"Love Wins" by Lee Rosevere