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Welcome to the Fish Stories podcast page.  We believe that all fish stories deserve to be told, and use the podcast to tell stories about anglers and their lives.  To find more stories, visit  

Jun 20, 2017

We believe that all fish stories deserve to be told.  We will do this by recording fishing stories and preserving legacies of the people who tell them.  Fish Stories will be more than a podcast.  It will be an online archive dedicated to recording fishing stories from all over the world about anglers who make fishing the sport it is today.  We will also allow the fishing industry to record the people they care about, so their voices, stories and legacies will never die.  Fish Stories is the next big thing in outdoor storytelling, and we appreciate you being along for the ride!  

Music (in order of appearance):

Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - "Golden Days"

Riot - "Fargo"