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Welcome to the Fish Stories podcast page.  We believe that all fish stories deserve to be told, and use the podcast to tell stories about anglers and their lives.  To find more stories, visit  

May 4, 2018

Gary Howey and Larry Myhre have collectively worked in the outdoor communications industry for more than 80 years.  Their connection to the resources, production/writing, and educating the public have led to a great friendship and a lot of outdoor adventures.  They are both members of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of...

Jul 18, 2017

Bob Landberg is an 83 year old angler from North Platte, NE who loves to fish.  He's had some epic adventures over the years, and has the photos to prove it. We dusted off some of those rusty old photos and shared some of his memories from out on the water.  Salmon, walleye, battles won, and battles lost.  

Music (In...

Jul 4, 2017

Casey Weismantel is the Director of the Aberdeen CVB, and an avid outdoor enthusiast.  He told one of his earliest fishing memories, one that has helped shape his outdoor perspective and passion.  

Music (In order of appearance):  

"Swamp Stomp" - Silent Partner

"Monkeys Spinning Monkeys" Kevin...

Jun 27, 2017

Dan Maio grew up as a keen fisherman in Australia.  This is a story about his life as an angler and how one fish changed his whole perspective.  

Special thanks to The Getaway Plan for allowing us to use a few tracks from their Dark Horses album.  

Here is a link to Dan's original facebook post.  

Music - In order of...

Jun 22, 2017

Jim Mollison has been fishing for nearly 80 years.  He's learned a thing or two during that time, and has some great memories on the water.  We sat down with Jim to share some of those memories and learn about what makes him so passionate about the sport we all love.  

Music (in order of appearance)

Redwood Trail by