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Welcome to the Fish Stories podcast page.  We believe that all fish stories deserve to be told, and use the podcast to tell stories about anglers and their lives.  To find more stories, visit  

Aug 30, 2017

Jordan Rodriguez is the outdoor columnist for the Idaho Statesman. He has been fishing since he and his father took up the sport when Jordan was young. Some of his earliest memories, and favorite stories, involve a fishing pole and some excitement.  Join Jordan on some of his favorite fishing adventures, and a journey...

Aug 23, 2017

Duane Hjelm - Tourney ChampionThis is the story about Duane Hjelm's (pronounced Jelm) first win on the National Walleye Tour, fishing a lake he had never fished before pre-fishing for six days prior.  Duane is from Ft. Pierre, S.D. and has aspirations for being a better angler in the future.  He tells a great story about his early career success.

Aug 15, 2017

Buddy Seiner is the founder of Fish Stories.  This is the story about the largest walleye he has ever caught, and the fight he had later with his conscience.  Recorded on his smartphone to prove that it can be done by anyone.  


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Aug 8, 2017

Craig Mickelson is a realtor from Aberdeen, S.D.  He is also an avid angler fishing almost 200 days in a good year.  Craig told us a story about catching a big drum in an unexpected place, and chatted with us a bit about being a responsible angler and business person.  Cameo by Casey Weismantel himself.  

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Aug 1, 2017

Whitney Anderson grew up in a commercial fishing family in Chignik, Alaska.  Her experiences fishing with her family, and values she picked up along the way have helped her create her own art business and fashion line. She shared some of the lessons she learned, and some of her childhood memories with us over the phone....